We, TemaCC one of the solution partner of the sector for many years, consult for many national and international brands, institutions and organizations operating in different sectors professionally. Our company can reach to anywhere in the world due to expert staff and through international relations network.

What we do?

As TemaCC, carried out very important project since its foundation, we conduct turn-key festival organizations, symposiums, conferences, biennials, openings and concerts in the field of culture, art and science.  We also fictionalise and manage the work package of huge organizations which come within its own area of expertise as EXPO at home and abroad, Olympiad, sports games and others. We bring world-famous stars to our country and meet them with music lovers and fulfil the projects involving different communication channels successfully.

How we do?

Happiness and peace accompany the success in work environment. Being far from the stress of our work environment is one of our priorities for creating a better business. So, we build the concept of success specially on happiness and team solidarity as well as experience, analysis.

As to carrying all our shareholder to success with strategic creativity and passionate culture of business, adding value to our profession and business partners are our viewpoint that we can’t waive.
Therefore, in planning of customer satisfaction oriented activity, we analysis right place, right time and position and produce solutions that are suited for conditions with team work and creative energy.


We bring together the brands which plan to carry out every event in highest standard and target audience in most effective time and right place. At the same time, we organize conference, activity and concert organizations in national and international platforms. We contact with many local and foreign artists for taking the stage in organizations.


We are one of the most far-reaching company of Turkey which has an outstanding portfolio and valuable reference with our talent management. We present extensive communication services to all institutions, organizations and brands which develop projects with professional features particularly production company, advertising agencies and organization companies.


With our creative team, we are a solution partner producing innovations for show business. We reflect the most important festivals, theatre, dance and music shows of the world to the audience with our projects. Collaborating with professional names in show business we prepare a visual feast.


We put our signature under flawless activities with innovator viewpoint, reproductivity of project and meticulous attitude. Centering the culture, identity of institution or brand, we reveal innovator attitudes. We work with the best in the area and do truest business with best budgets. We reach the target of all activities from biggest to smallest.


We bring together the official foreign artists who we work together as celebrity agency and communication advisor, are successful in her/his field and celebrity with brands and we bridge in behalf of producing positive valences in between and provide to get maximum efficiency in right platform.


Taylan Özcan

Kazım Özcan

Hülya Erdoğuş

Nazlı Alan

Selen Şen 

Tuğba Ulusoy

Melih Çuhadar

Sara Aydın

Deniz Gözeler 

Uğur Yenice